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Real-time government bid and contract database.

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Stephen Hetzel

Co-Founder, Head of Operations

What kind of an impact do you want to make on the world?

I believe I can make a direct impact on the lives of others through what we do at BidPrime. I have heard stories from many of our clients about how we saved their business, or how we manufactured a new stream of revenue from a contract that they could not have found without us. Hearing these stories is a huge reminder of our responsibility to our clients, who trust us to upkeep our product and data.

When did you start working at BidPrime? 

Josh and I co-founded BidPrime in 2009. After we completed the core software and began working on every other aspect, we brought Jim Ward to help us bootstrap BidPrime into a marketable service. We have come a long way since then, but those experiences have significantly helped us understand many of our teammates’ roles and daily experience.

What is your role at BidPrime?

As the Head of Operations, I keep all of the moving pieces of BidPrime functioning together. I work closely with our sales, marketing, and client-care teams; I then use that feedback to build better products.

What is your favorite part about working at BP?

I like that here we can have an impact almost anywhere in the company. In a single hour, I can help implement a slight design change, participate in a marketing session, train a sales person, and do a client demo. At the same time, I can empower our BidPrime teammates in any role to have the same type of impact where ever they want. It's never just a dull day at BidPrime. 

Where did life take you before BidPrime?

Early in life, I was an aspiring musician. I studied Arabic in college, and I worked abroad throughout the Middle East for a few years after graduating from UT Austin (Hook 'em Horns). Josh and I founded BidPrime after I returned from working abroad.

What do you do for fun, and where do you/your family live? 

I travel a lot for work, and try to squeeze in some fun or sightseeing in along the way. I am also extremely passionate about the arts -- specifically, I am a huge enthusiast of both classical music and opera. I almost majored in music during college, and music still holds a place in my heart today. Locally, in Austin -- I'm a big fan of exploring new food spots. If the weather's nice, I might stand-up paddle board. Whenever I visit Hawaii, though, I transform into a full-on Surfer.