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BidPrime Research Blog

Kevin Henderson
Friday, September 22 2017

Governments Sold on Auction, Auctioneer, and Auction Services

As a young child, I first learned about the excitement of an auction! I vividly and fondly recall attending auctions, alongside a variety of family members. So, there was my entre into the world of auctions. It isn't very difficult to find an auction near you. Auctions have been around for 2,000 years, and speaking of thousands, there are many thousands of auctions held in the U.S. and Canada each year.

Over the years, I've come to learn there are a variety of types of auctions, reasons for auctions, and terms used in the auction world. Now, I also know that governments, throughout the U.S. and Canada, are actively involved in holding auctions. As a matter of fact, government auctions are one of the leading types of auctions today.

Akin to private entities, there are a variety of reasons governments hold auctions. An auction creates competitive bidding, which can lead to higher returns. Auction services vendors assist with planning, drawing attention, maximizing exposure, and ensuring potential buyers are maximized. Governments can quickly unload items at current market value. Similar to privates, auctions limit high carrying costs.

Think about it. Quite rare is the case that a government agency has an auctioneer, or auction services expertise, on staff. Auction comes from the Latin word “auctus,” which means “increasing”. So far in 2017, as compared to 2016, we have noted a 326% increase in the number of U.S. and Canadian government solicitations we have identified for "auction", "auctioneers", and "auction services".

Some Data (from past 12 months)

We identified 473 total RFPs/solicitations from the public sector, for a variety of auction-related services and solutions. Here is some of the data we extracted from our BidPrime database. In June '17, there were 57 applicable requests. So far in '17, there have been four months with 50+ auction-related solicitations. See below for a handful of RFPs/bid requests representative of the solicitation activity we have witnessed.

Leading U.S. Regions
  • New York
  • Lousiana
  • New Jersey
  • Ohio
  • Massachusetts

Leading Canadian Regions
  • City of Dawson
  • Canada
  • City of White Rock
  • Government of Nova Scotia
  • BC Timber Sales

Bill Culhane on Auctions:

Sample active bids / RFPs


On-line Surplus Auction Services PA
On-site (live) Auctioneering Services LA
Auctioning Services of Police-Seized Property GA
RFPs for Auction Services for Publicly Owned Parcels IL
Sheriff Public Auction OH

Without a doubt, the substantial rise in requests is quite notable. It is also without question that governments will, as always, continue to outsource in conducting auctions. Maybe I will see you at tne next auction. Are you ready?

For the list of applicable RFPs/solicitations, and the specifications, please call us at 888.808.5356, or visit: BidPrime.
Anna Barnett
Tuesday, September 19 2017

How to Customize Your BidPrime Account

In identifying business opportunities, are your wants and needs exactly the same as another business or your competitor across town? What about a competitor on the other side of the country? Heck, we have many clients that have various employees, some in the same office, that have slightly or widely different business opportunity needs. When it comes to government solicitations, quickly and clearly targeting your opportunities is paramount. As Tony Kallas explains below, the answer is customization.

18% of our clients surveyed consider account customization as the most important benefit of our solution.

I, along with the Client Support team, which I'm fortunate and proud to lead, look forward to helping you customize your BidPrime account(s). In the following video, Tony provides details on creating your keywords and exclusionary keywords, selecting your specific location targets, setting up users, and more.

'How to Customize Your BidPrime Account'

Our robust user customization tools give you the power to lock in to the opportunities for your business. Along with assisting you with setup and providing consultation, your personalized Account Manager (AM) will:

  • Assist you with customizing user profiles by state/region or categories.
  • Provide training for new/additional users to maximize the BidPrime experience.
  • Facilitate your search customization to ensure more relevant bids delivered through BidPrime's automated alert system.
  • Develop custom queries for Federal Set Asides, K12 Schools, Higher Ed, Power/Utility Authorities, Airports/Transits, and state/municipalities.

More on the power of Advanced Filtering:

  • Filter results by region/state, date, industry.
  • Exclude specific keywords from results
  • View historical data from expired bids
  • Search by NAICS, FSC/NSN, CAGE, NIGP codes.
  • Search by heurtistic / predictive search.
  • Historical data projects future opportunities and term contracts.

Not every role is the same in your business. We get it!

  • BidPrime makes it easy to have multiple users through our innovative user customization.
  • Each nationwide account comes with four users and more can be added upon request.
  • It's simple for you to add and edit users.
  • You can customize the bids you see by region as well as by state, local and federal civilian or federal military categories.
  • You are able to enter keywords to filter bids and can further modify your search through the advanced search tool, which allows you to exclude certain keywords.
  • Every user can save bids to their own inbox and create alerts to notify them of newly matched bids. These email notifications can be customized to specific times for each user.
  • Any user with administrative access can view bids from all inboxes, including all saved bids.

Again, each user receives access to our best in industry client support team, based at our company headquarters in Austin, Texas. Customization and simple to set up. Having multiple users on an account is EASY! to manage using BidPrime.

For more on account customization, call us at 1.888.808.5356 or visit BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Friday, September 15 2017

Gary Gallegos Talks Success and the High Seas

You've likely met him by now. A phrase often overused, the incomparable Mr. Gary Gallegos is genuinely a man for all seasons. At BidPrime, we're thankful for his friendship, partnership, and mentorship. More on 'ships' in the video below. A visionary and business guru, back in the beginning Gary G. helped to shape BidPrime. Although there are many ports to visit, and festivals to attend, his various influences continue to this day.

Going back to his days as a child actor, never a gentleman to shy away from the camera, Gary G. visited our studio. Gary G. looks back in the history books, discusses success, and extends an intriguing invitation. Should you travel around the Caribbean or Mediterranean Seas, or along the Gold Coast of Australia, be on the lookout for the always gregarious and entertaining Gary G.

Be sure to watch to end!

To learn more about BidPrime, please call us at 1.888.808.5356 or visit BidPrime.
Kevin Henderson
Wednesday, September 13 2017

Renting and Leasing Isn't Just Real Estate for U.S. and Canadian Agencies

It's true! Governments buy anything and everything. However, hold the presses. Public sector agencies, across the U.S. and Canada, are also heavily engaged in renting and leasing. Back in July, you may have seen the report that the U.S. government is paying over $100,000 a month for space in Trump Tower. While notable because of who is involved, this isn't nearly the only instance of governments renting or leasing office space and other property.

When it comes to "renting" and "leasing" do you think of housing, land, real estate? No doubt, there are hundreds of requests from public sector entities for rental and lease of real estate. Ready for the dramatic plot twist? We went in a slightly different direction on this review. In this analysis, we're reporting on solicitation activity by governments for renting and leasing of equipment, services, and solutions. Make no mistake, governments invest a majority of the $trillions they spend each year on purchases of all things conceivable, however, when it comes to equipment, services, and solutions, there is significant rental and leasing activity, as well.

Based on a review of our database, solicitations over the previous 365 days, there have been approximately 500 requests for "equipment rental" and close to 250 for "equipment leasing". Down below, I've included applicable examples of actual bids/RFPs. Notes: 1. Again, these totals don't include property/real estate, 2. The examples of equipment, services, solutions rental/leasing vary widely in types (from uniforms to arthroscopy equipment, golf carts to heavy machinery).

To understand why governments would go the rental/lease route, it very much aligns with the various reasons why private business would elect an alternative to purchasing.

On their website, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) provides an excellent rundown on why renting and leasing "is an attractive option for the government."

Some highlights:

Rent vs. Buy?

Renting equipment or vehicles is an attractive option for the government. It provides more benefits than outright purchase, and provides the widest variety of equipment for added job versatility. Some of the costs that are avoided by renting instead of purchasing include:

  • Warranties;
  • Insurance;
  • Regular maintenance and repairs;
  • Storage; and
  • Transportation.

Renting not only helps to reduce costs, it also allows you to take advantage of the expertise of staffed professionals who will:

  • Assess and secure the right equipment for the job; and
  • Offer a wide-variety of specialized and modern equipment.

When it comes to deciding whether to own or rent equipment there are many things to consider. One is the burden of ownership that you would not have if renting, such as:

  • Ownership requires a capital investment to cover the direct costs of equipment;
  • Ownership also requires additional costs for a maintenance shop, maintenance staff, training, fuel, and more;
  • Renting keeps the burden of buying, maintaining and selling the equipment on the rental center;
  • National rental companies make significant annual investments in the newest, most advanced equipment on the market; and
  • Rental companies invest in maintenance staff to keep all equipment in top condition.

Entire GSA report.

Bill Culhane discusses renting and leasing by the public sector.

It's my position that governments in the U.S. and Canada will continue to view renting and leasing as an effective alternative to purchasing. The preceding GSA report spells out the reasons why. Federal, state, provincial, local, education, law enforcement agencies are all taking action. Skeptical? Check out the following handful of examples and go to
and see for yourself.

Sample active bids / RFPs

Renting and Leasing

Heavy Equipment Rental CA
Heavy Equipment Leasing FL
Vehicle Rental And Repair MD
Golf Cart Lease TX
Vending Machine Rental, Products and Services MN

To review the solicitations, along with the bid specifications, call us at 888.808.5356, or visit our website: BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Tuesday, September 12 2017

RFP Insights. Why Did They Win?

She's back! Vicky Vendor visited us to help explain 'RFP Insights' in further detail. Want to know why another vendor won a solicitation, and not you?

We will file anonymous FOIA discovery requests, on your behalf, for awarded bids and contracts. For you, the process is simple. Contact your account manager, we will verify the nature of your request and send you a quote.

You receive: Final contract, proposal(s) submitted, agency scoring criteria, valuable pricing information.

Use this information to appeal an award. Learn from your competitors' wins. Make better sense of agency decision making through proposal scoring sheets and tabulations.

Here's Vicky with the details.

To find out more about 'RFP Insights', please call us at 1.888.808.5356 or visit our website: BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Thursday, September 7 2017

Exciting Eight Years Behind Us. Much More to Come!

August 2009 seems like a long time ago, indeed time does fly when you're having fun. Way back in the beginning, Stephen Hetzel and Josh Schwartzbeck were a couple of guys who, based on their experiences in the government data industry, became convinced there was a better way for gathering government bids, contracts, and awards in real-time. In addition, they understood that effective, positive customer service was sorely lacking in the industry. So, starting with the bold and healthy belief that anything is possible, BidPrime was launched!

What's to celebrate?

We've stayed true to our initial mission of improving upon the consolidation of state and local government bids and RFPs to provide a clear and timely window into government purchasing. Similar to many businesses, we had a humble "bootstrapped" beginning, with only 3 individuals handling content, operations, support, engineering, and business development. With that mindset since launch, we focused on building a solution with high integrity that could "sell itself" without needing dozens of sales and marketing staff. Quite a contrast to what existed back then, and is still prevalent today.

Smart growth. Since our launch, we have evolved into a world-class and highly tenured team, with staff in our Austin, Texas headquarters, as well as Seattle, Washington. Many of our staff were the first hired in their roles and have grown into vital roles within the company.

We have grown year over year, and become a major disruptor in the marketspace. Without a doubt, we have no plans to lose sight of client-focused innovation that led us to this point.

Over the past week, we took a few moments to celebrate our 8th anniversary and recognize the success we have enjoyed and contributions we have made in helping thousands of clients, across the United States, Canada, and elsehwere. Without a doubt, we understand that we have not done this alone.

As an added bonus to the festivities, the incomparable Gary Gallegos flew in to share in the excitement. Before BidPrime was launched, and still today, Gary has been instrumental in providing guidance, suggestions, and even levity, based on his decades of success in business and background in government. As Gary proclaimed during his visit, "Here's to many, many more years to come!" Thank you to the many clients, vendors, and friends of the company who also expressed their well wishes.

Kind words from a friend and visionary:

For more information on BidPrime, who we are and what we do, call us at 1.888.808.5356 or visit BidPrime.
Anna Barnett
Wednesday, September 6 2017

Hurricane Harvey. Recovery Ahead for Our State.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, there has been massive destruction left in the wake of the powerful storm. Most likely, you have seen some of the images. However, we have also witnessed an amazing outpouring of love, caring and assistance from people helping neighbors and total strangers. Along with an impressive list of companies who have joined us in providing support, there have been uplifting stories of individuals, J.J. Watt, of the Houston Texans, and Houston businessman, Jim McIngvale, among the many.

There are thousands of others who have helped in every way imagineable. As Bill mentions in the video, every member of our company has some connnection to somebody impacted by the storm. The road to recovery will be long for many areas of east, south-central, and the greater Houston areas. With little doubt, help will be needed for a while. The reports and estimates have only just begun to come in. Along with the sad and tragic loss of life and lives upturned, the predictions on cost of the storm range from $150 to $200 billion dollars. If true, Hurricane Harvey will go down as the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history.

Our Bill Culhane sat down with our Co-Founder, and Houston native, Stephen Hetzel, to share their thoughts.

Bill and Stephen on Hurricane Harvey:

In addition, to inform and provide helpful information, Bill, 'The Big Bid Theory' team, and a group of very impressive guests, produced a special episode of the podcast. As noted in the descripton of the podcast, "From rescue efforts, on the ground in Houston, to the impressive list of experts, this episode helps to bring you much more on the Hurricane Harvey story."

Hurricane Harvey. What Now? What Next?

To help:

American Red Cross
Text “HARVEY” to “90999” to automatically donate $10 to the Red Cross.


United Way

Note: There are many other wonderful national and local organizations and groups involved in Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. We thank you for supporting them.

For those impacted by Hurricane Harvey, we wish the very best for you. For those who have helped, thank you so much.